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About Us

The STEM Exchange is part of the wider STEM Alliance project established by Semta and commissioned and funded by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF).

The STEM Exchange acts as a matching service bringing together individual teachers and tutors from colleges, private training providers and education charities involved in Further Education (FE) with employers within their area who have agreed to support in professional development activities.

These development activities can be as simple as 1-2-1 meetings or telephone calls focused on specific subjects; to running in-house training programmes aimed at providing up to date occupational competence.

The need for the STEM Exchange derives from employer feedback about the quality and relevance of training delivered by the FE sector. As these key areas of the UK economy move quickly in response to changes in technology and international market pressure, those tasked with teaching new entrants can become quickly disconnected with the most recent developments.

The effect of this can be felt in the skills gap reported by employers. The Royal Academy of Engineering reports the need for 160,000 engineers, scientists and technicians by 2020, this does not factor in the effects of an ageing workforce and international brain drain.

Employers are critical in helping those tasked with reducing this skills gap, in doing so they contribute to improving their own competiveness, economic sustainability and growth.

How the STEM Exchange Works

  1. Employers complete a simple enrolment process indicating their industry area and a brief outline of the support they may be able to provide.
  2. Individual tutors and teachers register themselves and complete a personal profile.
  3. Once registered tutors can search for employers in their area who are willing and able to provide relevant CPD support to them.
  4. Once a suitable employer has been identified by a tutor they indicate their interest via the site. At this stage the tutor is only able to view the employer name and industry areas – no contact information or employer job role data can be accessed.
  5. The employer contact receives an email indicating an education professional wishes to contact them. The employer can view the profile for the individual and either accept or decline the invitation.
  6. The employer makes contact with the tutor and specific arrangements are made.
  7. Reporting on these interactions is maintained to help improve the matching process and representatives from The STEM Exchange may contact the individual parties to discuss case studies and testimonials.