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Welcome to the Employer STEM Exchange

The STEM Exchange forms a key output of the work of The STEM Alliance. The Exchange is targeted at directly linking employers with further education (FE) providers and their tutor and teacher population.

In response to feedback from employers within the STEM related sectors the need to support the up-skilling of pedagogical staff has been identified as a priority. The aim is to provide this group with access to industry experts, materials and environments that will help them:

  1. Improve and update their own industry knowledge to support better transfer of learning
  2. Help to contextualise learning materials that are developed so they are relevant and have practical applications
  3. To see first-hand the changes in technology and trading environments that will affect their learners
  4. To better understand the overall needs of employers to help tailor their delivery

What can I expect from the site?

  • The site concept was officially launched at the House of Lords in October 2014 and went live January 2015. Semta, the managing agent are tasked with driving up the volume of employers registered on the site. Our hope is that we see a steady rise in the volume of employers registered. We seek your support in promoting the site up and down your supply chain.
  • Local education providers who register on the site can search for appropriate CPD opportunities by geography and industry area.
  • If they identify your organisation as a potential supporter for their learning aims, they will contact you via the site. Note - at this stage the FE providers have no personal contact details and cannot make direct contact with you.
  • You will then receive notification from the FE provider that they wish to be considered for support. This will not be an email direct to, but generated by the site.
  • We would ask that when you receive such an email, you log into the site where you can view the profile of the applicant and make a decision based on your availability and ability to support the individual applicant.
  • Once you have made a decision either way, update the site and the individual will be notified.
  • If you are in a position to support their learning and development needs we would then encourage you to make direct contact either by phone or email to make further arrangements.

Why Get Involved?

  • To support in improving the overall skills of the sector, both directly but throughout your supply chain.
  • Because the skills gap in STEM related areas is growing – The Further Education providers you are supporting work to bring new talent into your industry and they need the best possible skills to do this.
  • To ensure that training you receive now, and in the future, is relevant and contextualised.
  • Because it is all of our responsibility – If everyone assumes someone else will help, nothing will be achieved.
  • To be recognised for your commitment to skills – The casestudies and materials produced as a result of the work of The STEM Alliance will be widely published within the industry and we are tasked with encouraging networks that can grow customers and improve supply chains for all.

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